About Us

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Since launching the business in 2006, Mom and Founder Jamie Mamikunian has pioneered a niche market that has nearly exploded over the course of 8 years with similar business popping up all over the globe including New York, Canada, Dubai, Japan and even South Africa -but Stroller Spa truly has grassroots beginnings.

It all started with the desire of one mother to personalize her stroller, and then eventually evolved to a hub in the San Francisco Bay area where mothers flocked to not only customize their little ones’ sweet rides, but troubleshoot stroller problems – everything from broken brakes, bent chassis’, flat tires, torn fabric and more.
Stroller Spa then began cleaning and detailing strollers and car seats as more parents wanted a newly refurbished ride for their little ones, particularly subsequent children.

To better meet the needs of their growing customer base, Stroller Spa soon added The Stroller Exchange, Rental Services, and Bubble Wrapped! – Baby Gear Storage Solutions programs.

In 2011, after serving over 1,000 customers, Stroller Spa saw a way to fill a need for other moms to carve their own paths as business owners while still maintaining a presence in the home. They opened up their doors to women who were interested in owning their own Stroller Spa Detail + Repair Shop, and were met with a flurry of inquiries.  Stroller Spa is now in dozens of cities across the US and Canada, and each owner is certified and just as passionate about baby gear detail and repair as their founder.

We are a company that is fortunate to have the opportunity to help other families by providing a service that we believe is useful, meaningful and beneficial for the world that our children live in and we hope that you do too!